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Recent Credits

These are the productions that I have worked on as edit producer since returning to work.

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TX from October 2023

The shocking story of a young Bangladeshi waiter shot at point blank range whilst serving customers at a restaurant in Orkney in 1994. It was traumatic for the residents of Orkney as well as the Scottish Bangladeshi community.  Many years later a witness comes forward and the son of the local policeman, a decorated army war hero, is convicted in 2008. This fascinating story is told retrospectively with archive, interviews and reconstruction.

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TX from July 2023

Gaining 5.8 million viewers and an early Season 2 renewal,

High Speed Chase provides a 

“fast, furious and authentic window into a world in which criminals will do anything to escape.”

Using dash cam, body cam and police helicopter footage intercut with police interviews and graphics, this is an exciting show.

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TX from June 2023

When Olivia marries Christopher Jones, a correctional officer, he runs his home like a prison. Detectives investigating his wife's murder are helped by a home security system that shows that all is not what it seems.

I cut this episode (as well as doing a couple of other assemblies) which opened the series due to its highly emotional content.

June 2023 - Aug 2023

March 2023 - May 2023

June 2022 - October 2022

Cold Case Killers Series 3 for Rare TV / Channel 5 Star.

These 1 x hr shows tell the story of historic police cases that were not solved at the time. Executive Producer: Emma Barker

High Speed Chase for Arrow Media / Discovery ID is a new series for the channel. Each 1 x hr show is made up of a single, a pairing or even three stories about dramatic, recent police car chases in America. Series Producer: Nick Davies

Married to Evil Series 1 for Arrow Media / Discovery ID. A series of 1 x hr stories. On this project, the narrative was assembled first, then the recre was shot to order. Because these were recent crimes the SOC photos, police interviews and mug shots could all be made available. Series Producer: Nick Davis

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