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Previous Experience

 28UP South Africa                Series Producer and co-director

3 x 1 hrs for Ingrid Falck at Al Jazeera English 

1 x 90min for Jo Clinton Davis at ITV              

BAFTA nominated 2014


“For me I think South Africa is more frustrating now than it was 

when I was seven. Then, we were told who was the enemy. 

Now, who’s the enemy? Because things are getting worse

but who is to blame?” Olwethu. 



"This was filmmaking played for the highest stakes, and it was profoundly moving." The Telegraph


Pret a Vivre!  

Executive Producer

1 hr art-house documentary directed by Georgi Levashov-Tumanishvili featuring extremely old people in Tbilisi, Georgia who

perform their own amateur review. With guest appearances by Sian Philips, Roger Lloyd Pack and Anne Firbank.

Selected IDFA Docs for Sale 2014 and Sheffield Videoteque


Born in the USSR:28UP   

Series Producer

2 x 90min for Rossia Channel, 1 x 90min for Arte/MDR, 1 x 90mins ITV version for Jo Clinton-Davis.            

Pitched at the IDFA Forum

"The series is full of echoes of the past and foreshadows of events to come, giving it a Tolstoyan depth." The New York Times


Some Truth about Youth


Part of the Bafta's 2010 mentoring scheme with the Media Trust. Mentored a group of 10 young first-time film-makers

at the British Youth Council (BYC) who made a 40 minute film about youth activists and won an award for it.


Under the Skin 

Guest Tutor/Series Producer

A film-making exchange between the National Film School NFTS and VGIK (the Russian equivalent) supported by the

British Council resulting in 8 x 30 minute films.


Death of Celebrity                                                                                                                                                                           1 hr for C4


Piers Morgan’s first attempt at television.  A single documentary based on an interesting article that he wrote about how

celebrity culture had spun so far out of control that Calum Best, when quizzed on a reality show, could not even spell the

word. Featured Michael Gambon and Katie Melua in an attempt to devote some air-time to real talent.

"With consumate charm he bites off the hands that once fed him." TV Times


21UP South Africa                                                                                                                                                                   90 mins for ITV


Returning to the contributors to find that three of them have not made it to 21 and have died of HIV related illnesses.

Winner RTS in the North


Born in the USSR:21UP                                                                                                                                                          90 mins for ITV


Returning to the contributors at 21.

BAFTA nominated for editing (Kim Horton). Winner of the two main Russian awards, the Golden Eagle and the Nikka.


RailCops: Series 1                                                                                                                                                          4 x 40 mins for BBC1

Series Producer (in early stages)

Was brought in to Films of Record by Roger Graef in 2002 at the start of the principal filming period to shape the first series

of Rail Cops in terms of characters and structure.


Muslims in America                                                                                                                     1 hr special for US Discovery Channel


Commissioned in the aftermath of 9/11 this film focussed on ordinary Muslims living in America during very difficult times.

Exec Producer: Leanne Klein for Wall to Wall

"A thought-provoking documentary...six very different Muslims describe their experiences of pain, fear and sorrow since the attacks that catapulted them into the spotlight." TV Choice Sunday Times


Omagh: One Year On                                                                                                                                                                    1 hr for ITV 


Transmitted on the first anniversary of the Omagh bombing. The film follows five characters over a year as they try to

deal with the aftermath both physically and psychologically.

Edited by John Dinwoody. Exec Producer Stephen Lambert for RDF

Nominated Best Doc in the Celtic Film and TV Festival


"It's pleasing to see powerful documentaries back on screen. Omagh - One Year On is an intimate and involving glimpse into the lives

of people affected by last year's bomb outrage. It's TV in the raw, tough to watch and even harder to turn off. But it is the kind of

television we should celebrate." Editorial, TV Times.


Many Happy Returns                                                                                                                                                                    1 hr for ITV Producer/Director

A portrait of Modern Britain for the new millenium.  Featuring 10 ten-year-olds around Britain on their 10th birthdays, it

explored the diversity of our country now and the breadth of life-experience.

Transmitted on New Year’s Eve 1999. Millenium Night.


Diana’s Children                                                        

Producer/Director                                                                                                                                                                         1 hr for ITV Transmitted in Aug 1998 on the first anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, the film concentrates on her relationship with

ordinary children from hospital visits, to homeless children and land-mine victims in Bosnia.


"...the most moving testimony came from the children she visited in sickness...this is where we should search for the real Diana.

Amidst the gallons of hogwash, this simple and tasteful programme said it all." The Daily Telegraph


Born in the USSR:14UP                                                            

Producer                                                                                                                                                                                90 mins for BBC1

A heady combination of Russian teenagers and the Yeltsin years.

Winner International Emmy. Grierson Commendation.


East of Eastenders                                                                    

Producer                                                                                                                                                                                       1 hr for BBC1

This unusual episode of Omnibus follows a British Government humanitarian aid scheme to teach Kazakhs how to make

soap opera. Directed by Andzej Fidyk for Nigel Williams.


"The collision of cultures was rarely less than spectacular." Stephen Pile in The Telegraph


Is that All there is?


Short Film shot in Moscow in 1994 during a time of stark transition. 

Selected for the Rain Dance Festival and the Short Film Festival, London




The Dinner Party                             

For Cutting Edge C4. Directed by Paul Watson

Forgotten Mothers   

About women who gave up their children for adoption in the 50's and 60's.

Directed by Chris Malone for ITV

A Winter's Tale 

Part of Savage Skies 4 x 1hr for WNET.

Directed by Julian Farino in the coldest place in the world
Ape Man                      

4 x 1hr for the A&E channel.

Directed by Ken Grieve
Cowley High            

An early docu-soap. 6 x 30mins in 1992 shot in a school for ITV.

Directed by Graham Moore

7UP South Africa

Directed by Angus Gibson

This Morning

6 months on the live show in Liverpool

Age 7 in the USSR

Directed by Sergei Miroshnichenko

"Childhood in the USSR is ordered differently somehow.

Despite their tiny size, their knowingness sometimes made it hard to remember

that these children were young." Lynne Truss in The TImes





BA Hons Russian 2:1 Exeter University

English, Russian and Social Biology A Levels

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