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London based, free-lance documentary producer/director, series producer, executive producer with varied and extensive experience of production both in Britain and abroad. 


Jemma Jupp started her career at Granada Television in Manchester in 1990 having graduated with a degree in Russian from Exeter University. Her first job in television was to spend three months travelling the former Soviet Union to find the contributors for a new version of 7UP. Her second job was nine months of live studio daytime TV on the Richard and Judy show in Liverpool as a researcher on This Morning. Then the South African 7UP came along and she was sent off to Johannesburg in 1992. Still under Apartheid rule, the seven-year-olds in South Africa were at segregated schools.


Since then she has worked with many talented directors as a producer and AP as well as making her own films. She has also spent a fair amount of time with students and novices both at the NFTS on a student exchange with the Moscow film school (VGIK) and as a mentor for BAFTA.

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